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WordPress Plugin Integration

We get it. You're busy managing other areas of your business. That's why we developed a secure WordPress plugin to keep the overall process smooth and simple.
You set the plugin's integration settings, you can apply an auto-publish rule for all inbound press releases, or have them arrive as ready to publish drafts, then manually publish yourself. Your call.

Personal communications group

We believe in personal relationships. If you ever need anything - clarifications, have questions, finances, or simply want to have a friendly chat, you'll have a personal group with us to drop a message.

In-house content vetting

Our team vets every submitted press release to ensure it meets our editorial guidelines. Once we green light that everything is good to go, then we distribute to our publishing partners.

Monthly payments

By the end of every month, you will send us an invoice detailing the amount of press releases you published for us and we will process the payment.

Keep it fresh

We work with businesses from the cyber space, which means their news will be on topic and relevant to your readers.If you think about it, you're getting paid to keep your audience engaged.

If you think about it, you're getting paid to keep your audience engaged.

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